The Beanie Talk

The time has come, ladies and gents. Let us speak about blogs. Never in my life did I ever think that at 21 I’d be writing a blog about blogs. Where is my life going? Somewhere, and I’m not sure if I like it or not. All my crippling existential regret aside, let me talk about blogs real quick.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t read the prompt yet, but let me say this before I get to the assignment at hand. I kinda like being a blogger. Even if no one sees this, it’s a great way to put some thought out there and maybe make a few jokes. However, I stand by what I said…

... people who wear these are 9000% more likely to be bloggers. Statistical FACT.

While I haven’t quite traded in my giant hoodie for a wool beanie, I do like the blog and will likely keep this up after the class is over.

Let’s talk about the actual act of blogging for a moment. I am, as a blogger, putting my voice out for any and all to hear (er… read?) and in doing so, planting my opinions and ideals in the minds of many many people. However! Even at its largest, including if this for one reason or another blows up, This blog will never be as large as even the smallest notable YouTube channel. Blogs simply don’t matter. I will never reach enough people. There be one issue with the idea that blogs are cesspools of hate speech. No one blog is ever large enough to ever make an impact, I don’t think. Obviously there are outliers that are mostly assholes with keyboards, but for the most part, I don’t think any blog will ever be relevant enough to warrant needing to censor the internet.

I’d like to go off on a tangent of internet censorship. It’s utterly insane. My best friend is a Cyber Security major, and when he was learning about the origins of the internet, keep in mind this is a college level class, they repeated to him on more than one occasion that pornography BUILT the internet. Literally speaking, the internet is as large as it is today because it’s never been strictly censored! This has always been a place where, within some fundamental laws, you can post ANYTHING. END OF STORY.

Moving on with the assignment. First, let me be clear so I can avoid that dreaded 1 point deduction… again. I DO NOT THINK BLOGS HAVE MUCH OF AN EFFECT ON SOCIETY, not traditional typed ones like mine, anyway. I ALSO DON’T THINK THEY LIKELY EVER WILL. There. Take that.

Now for the loaded question of the day. Is it okay to give the power to publish to anyone? Yes. I literally just noted my stance on internet censorship. I realize people get hurt, but that’s life. Some people are scumbags, and that sucks, but ruining the internet for the rest of us on the grounds that a few people have misused this power is stupid.




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