Heading is from this Spongebob scene. I'm a child.

There is an article floating around called “The Terrifying Truth About New Technology” by Daniel H. Wilson. I’ll start by reacting to it as I read it. At first glance, let me tell you this guy is a self-advertising schmuck who likely doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. He thinks his sub-par novel “Robopocalypse” belongs in the same league of mentioning as classics like Frankenstein and Terminator. This blog has never been formal, and never will be, so I’ll say it. WTF? You’re a journalist for the NYT, not some struggling writer trying to sell books. Cut the crap.

He has a point that technology is made by the young for the young, but even that might be a mute point, as I believe growing up in a tech revolution has allowed my generation, and probably many of the ones around it to adapt faster to incoming tech, and it will get us used to it even in the future. I legit can see myself owning the newest cell phone at 50-60 years old, simply because I have the acquired skill to learn my way around new tech quickly from living in the time I do.

He now moves onto developmental psychology and how schemas and assimilation works, things I learned in a freshman psych class so I wont bother explaining them here. He mentions an amusing story of his grandfather speaking into a computer mouse like a radio. If you base EVERYTHING on the generation that was 1890-1920, no shit they can’t use modern tech. Cheap new inventions weren’t rolling out the factories on the daily then. We’ve advanced more in the past 10 years than the last 80 combined. People born in 1990 and beyond have the skills required, and likely always will, to analyze new tech and figure out how to use it. It’s what we’ve grown up around! Hell, I get a new phone and graphics card every year. There’s a new version of windows every year and a half! I, along with many of the rest of us, are no stranger to learning new interfaces and tech.

Can we talk about how this JOURNALIST is talking about how hard it was to switch from a normal keyboard to a typewriter, simply because a typewriter doesn’t turn on? That is ACTUALLY stupid. I’ve used a typewriter. Sure, the act of manually resetting your page, and the sounds one makes are a little strange, but he describes it as if it an un-understandable form of tech invented by aliens. Are you actually stupid?

He doesn’t say anything else utterly stupid for the remainder of the article. All I’m trying to say is that if my 50 year old mother can run her own facebook page, play the WiiU with the best of em, and understand bluetooth, that’s a sign that people are more than capable of developing new schemas rather quickly even when they’re older. And I think it will be even easier for my generation and after.


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