Lyfe on teh Interwebz

Another week, another last minute blog entry to bump my grade up a bit! (please don’t fail me.) Anyway, we are to write about the following this week:

“For this blog entry, I would like you to recount your earliest memories of using a PC and the Internet.  You might discuss the very first time you used a computer, the first time you were on the World Wide Web, your first major computer mistake, a major accomplishment you had, etc. Why do these experiences stick in your mind? You might comment on the importance of the experiences to your education, how you spend your spare time, to a job, etc.

As part of your discussion, write about the impact that the PC and the Internet have had on your life.  And remember to incorporate some of the concepts and/or theories that we’ve discussed in class over the first part of the semester.”

See, I write it here this time because swapping tabs back and forth to make sure I’ve properly answered the prompt is just TOO MUCH work. Laziness for life, bro.

Ahem. Way back in the day, the year was 2001 or so, I may have been 5 or 6, my mom had a Nintendo gameboy with Mario for some reason. I’ll count that as a computer, and I’m sticking to it. I played that sucker everyday until I beat Super Mario World, the one with yoshi and a cool overworld map; it was pretty awesome. That was probably my first real experience with a device I can call a computer. However, if we are talking about things that could go on the internet, that was a Macintosh back in Kindergarten where I would play Fribble Palace and make the text-to-speech say silly and annoying phrases.


This is the Fribble game. Now that I look at it, it's kinda scary looking. I think I might be cursed just looking at it.

As for the significance of these devices, they are basically everything. I do 80% of my school work on here, I talk to friends, play… too many games, and also- I’m a graphic designer and most of my contacts are obtained via the internet. Just those last two are things I don’t think I could exactly live without at this point. You could say that the internet and PC access have been some of the biggest impacts on my life.

Now's the portion of the show where he shamelessly plugs some of his graphic design work. Smell the desperation.

Incorporating a theory, eh? Can’t ever be super easy, I like that. WELL, SIR, I HAVE ONE TRICK UP MY SLEEVE. I submit that my love for all things tech stems from SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY. (At this point the crowd should gasp) I’ve tried to keep up with what my friends and colleagues have most of my life. They have a PS4? I want a PS4. They have a custom PC? I want a custom PC. It’s a vicious cycle of wasted money, really.


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