The Code Has Eyes

So, I’m gonna make this one short. I really haven’t been up to blogging recently, and right now isn’t much of an exception, but a grade’s a grade, eh?


We all know the internet is watching our every move within its confines, possibly even outside as well. Or at least, I think most of us do. For me it’s not as much of a privacy issue as it is an issue of theft. I suppose I do check an EULA box of one sort or another saying that they can sell my info, but in many cases, you can’t avoid it. Also in many cases, they don’t provide you with a choice. I’d hazard a guess that google is watching where I am on the web right now, coming up with complex algorithms to sell me a white wool beanie because I’m apparently the blogging type.

While that sounds like a joke (because it was), it’s real. I worked at Kroger for 3 months and looked up my work schedule all of twice, and now they give me adds for clicklist on my Skype, on various websites, everywhere now! I did not at any point tell them they could steal information from me to sell me products to make money off my “preferences.”

So no, I don’t care if they know where I am. Observe me watching porn all you want, go nuts. It’s the theft. If I go to Kroger’s website, I never signed an EULA saying they can give my info to Google, the CIA, Target, Bob’s house of Liver and Onions, John Cena, all the oompa loompas, and the entire Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It should go without saying that my browsing on this Kroger site is my own.

This is legit the second time I've mentioned porn in a blog for school, and I'm not failing the class yet. I love college sometimes.

I have and still am taking measures to protect myself from the eyes of the internet. I don’t have it turned on right now, but I have software that reroutes me through different countries so my IP is never traceable. Right now, I think the preferred country is Germany for some reason. I clear my cookies. I use add blocker to keep them from using the stolen information against me too much.

In regards to social media, which we will be writing about next week, I think it’s all kind of pointless. I haven’t logged onto Facebook in close to 7 years now. It’s stupid that you would put your face, location, name and preferences all in one place. I legit could get to know someone on a semi-personal level if they are somewhat active on Facebook. If they are very active, give me 15 minutes and I might have as much information as an hour long first date. It’s a harbor for wasted time and stalkers.

Since it hasn’t legitimately killed us, I think this is actually not a huge deal. It’s annoying, but that’s all it is at this point. Not only that, but there are work arounds to this privacy invasion that any person could take. There are quite a few more important societal issues that should be taken care of before this is even a thought. Just try not to post your social security number or credit car info anywhere and you might be fine.


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