So, I’ll be honest. I didn’t quite black out all day. I was on my phone here and there, but I’d say I did decrease my phone usage by up to 90% today, and I only just now logged onto my computer. The day was… uneventful. I mean, I don’t heavily rely on TV and my phone, to be honest. Most of what I do on my phone is surfing for memes. Aside from the occasional text to my friends, I don’t need to be on it for any particular reason. I actually just got to work drawing a piece that I may share later.

Here be the issue. Most of my time, whether entertainment or work, is spent on a computer. Unplugging from my computer for 24 hours was taxing on me. I had trouble finding things to do. Usually, I’d go outside and enjoy the warm weather with my brother before Summer hits us hard and engulfs all of us in flames, but he is busy on weekdays, so here I am, just in my room, drawing all day. It gets boring as hell. I am reliant on my computer for a lot of things, and not having it created a gap that I didn’t immediately know how to fill.

Was this a good thing? I don’t know. I wasted a day being bored when I already knew much of the information I gathered during the 24 hour period. I guess a nice piece of art did come out of it, but I am rather self aware, and understood what I was getting myself into before hand.

Onto “phubbing.” To those of you who don’t know, let me post a definition here:

Phubbing: To ignore (a person or one's surroundings) when in a social situation by busying oneself with a phone or other mobile device.

I don’t think I’ve ever had this happen. I’m sure I’ve accidentally done it to someone, particularly when I was younger and my phone was my life. Is it annoying? I’d imagine. Is it a problem? Yes. I think I’ve only been potentially phubbed. Like, in the SAC, where students will generally eat, play games, and overall be social, I can’t find anyone to talk to who doesn’t look busy. Like, I’m bad enough at small talk, add in a distraction and I don’t think I’ve held a conversation with anyone in the SAC this semester.


This is the last entry in the Comm Tech series. Anyone who follows me should expect some things from daily life coming up. But before that, I’m being told to reflect on the class. I really hate when professors ask me to do this, as I often have little to say. I mean, I learned a bit about the regulations that go into the communication technology field, and I rather enjoyed the news stories each class, but nothing in particular really jumps out at me. Really, I think that the biggest take away from this class is that I am now a beanie wearing blogger, all that’s missing is the coffee shop. As for a general statement about CommTech, it’s important? I mean, the internet is likely the most important creation of all time, and will likely continue to be up until we create an extronet to connect to other planets… assuming we get that far.


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